we are tooken.

As Turkey’s First NFT Agency

we are planning to create value for brands, content creators, and collectors.



As an NFT Agency, Tooken is First in Turkey and a Pioneer in The World.

If you think you should be in the NFT world, but you get confused when you see what is being built in the NFT world, you are in the right place.


NFT is the new Social. In 2009 we were telling brands the importance of social media. Now in 2022, we are telling the importance of NFT. Same pattern, different rules.

We have worked with 100+ Top Forbes Brands in the last decade and more. Now it's time to utilize NFT as the new inevitable marketing tool.

99% of the NFT projects you see will be worthless. The ones who will focus on strategy and the right content will win, not the ones who see NFT's just as a cryptocurrency.

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Kolektif House Levent, Esentepe Mah. Talatpaşa Cad. No:5/1 Levent / İstanbul

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