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Abdi İbrahim First in The World! Pharmaceutical NFT Collection

Abdi İbrahim pharmaceutical company launched the "The Journey of Healing" NFT collection on the OpenSea platform. The NFT collection, which combines Abdi İbrahim's 110-year history with science and art, bears the signature of world-renowned collage artist Selman Hoşgör and consists of works on different subjects, from the healing power of science to innovation and sustainability.

Those who buy NFTs will also have the opportunity to visit Abdi İbrahim's Production Complex in Istanbul Esenyurt, which is closed to visitors from outside, together with experts. It will support girls' education by transferring the income from the NFT collection to the "Anadolu'da Bir Kızım Var" project of the Association for Supporting Contemporary Life. Abdi İbrahim implements all of its NFT-related projects through the Web 3. 0 agency Tooken (


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