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BigChefs' Metaverse Adventure Begins with Its First Branch!

MetaBigChefs Spatial Experience Area

BigChefs stepped into the metaverse world by creating a similar one to its first branch, Kavaklıdere BigChefs. A digital version of BigChefs' first branch, Kavaklıdere, was designed on Spatial by Tooken Technologies.

In addition to Kavaklıdere BigChefs, Meta BigChefs has chill and meeting areas that offer an ideal environment for users to socialize, and BigChefs Academy has a training area where you can learn about the art of cooking and improve your skills. BigChefs' social responsibility project, "Women Farmers to Table," offers users a different experience with a garden with a rich table with the products of the women of the soil.

BigChefs' presence in the Metaverse allows users to explore food culture and opens new social interaction and learning areas. In this virtual universe, BigChefs aims to create a community venue where guests can relax, learn, and connect with the broader community through social responsibility projects.


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