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First In The World! Avis Fenerbahce Jersey Launch

First In The World! Avis Fenerbahce Jersey Launch

Avis, the car rental brand operating under the umbrella of Otokoç Automotive, introduced the new season jersey of Fenerbahçe at Metaverse. Avis presented Fenerbahce's new season jersey with a giant jersey made in Metaverse, built-in Decentraland / Otokoç Metazone. Avis built a massive structure in Decentraland that can see from afar.

In addition to the fact that the jersey is the giant jersey ever made in the Metaverse, it is the first time in Turkey that a sports club has undertaken a jersey promotion project in the Metaverse.

Otokoç Automotive Chief Marketing Officer Esra Arslanbaş Kaynak stated that they would continue the projects related to the Metaverse, one of the most followed topics of the last period, at full speed, and said, "We wish Fenerbahçe success in the new season with this project. Anyone who wants to visit and see the enormous new season jersey of Fenerbahçe, which we created in the Otokoç Metazone experience center in Decentraland, can visit and share this experience with us. We will be here very soon with other fiction that we will interact with the fans." used the phrases.

All Fenerbahçe fans can visit the vast Fenerbahçe jersey at -111,10 coordinates in Decentraland and participate in this experience.


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