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Kotex Launches "Sail For The Future" NFT Collection, Embarking Into The Web3 World!

Taking a meaningful step to support bold and empowered women on the 100th anniversary of the Republic, Kotex launched the "Sail For The Future" NFT collection, immersing itself in the Web 3.0 world! This exclusive collection celebrates women embracing the sea while also aiming to raise societal awareness.

Each NFT within the "Sail For The Future" collection, available on Opensea, reflects the stories of courageous women at sea. Emphasizing Kotex's commitment to innovation and supporting women's entrepreneurship, this collection holds great significance.

This inspiring project, made possible by Kotex's contributions, empowers women to amplify their voices and take even bolder steps toward the future. The "Sail For The Future" NFT collection is just the beginning of Kotex's journey in the Web 3.0 world, as it continues to stand beside courageous and empowered women, creating a positive impact in society.


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