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Kotex Turns Women's Victories into Digital Art with "Sail For Future" NFT Collection

Kotex Presidential 4th International Yacht Races NFT

Kotex Turkey immortalized another success in its "Sailing for the Future" social responsibility project with NFT. Kotex Turkey said, "Girls of the Republic can do whatever they want," and came first in Bodrum's Women and University Students category in the 4th Presidential International Yacht Race. Seventeen university girls came from the earthquake zone and participated in the challenging yacht race. They completed the 250-mile race consisting of 3 stages in first place. Kotex Turkey created the 3rd NFT of the Sail for the Future NFT Collection with Tooken Technologies to celebrate the victory.  This Kotex initiative draws attention to gender equality by using the power of art and technology and reinforces its vision of social responsibility in the Web 3.0 world.


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