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The World's First! Winsa Meta Passive House

Winsa Meta Passive House Decentraland Building Sustainability and energy efficiency

Winsa stepped into the Web 3.0 world with the Meta Passive House, created at coordinates 149-60 in Decentraland, to leave a better world to future generations by encouraging environmentally friendly living and energy saving.

Winsa, a pioneer in its sustainability and energy efficiency work, broke new ground in Turkey and worldwide with its Meta Passive House project. Winsa Meta Passive House brought the energy efficiency and sustainability features of passive houses, which are seen as representatives of the future home design, to the Metaverse world and became a source of inspiration for those who adopt an environmentally friendly and energy-friendly lifestyle.

The Meta Passive House project designed by Tooken represents a vision in which future homes can save more energy, have less environmental impact, and provide residents with a more comfortable life. Meta Passive House, which also includes innovative products such as Revotech, which can be used in passive houses and offers thermal insulation at the maximum level, is a first in the building world. Users can visit the futuristic structure, implemented by Tooken Technologies in honor of the 25th anniversary of Winsa's establishment, at coordinates 149-60 in Decentraland.


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