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Turkey's First! BigChefs "Women Farmers to Table" NFT Collection

BigChefs step into the Web 3.0 world with its NFT collection. BigChefs

published the "Women Farmers to Table" NFT Collection on OpenSea, the world's largest NFT marketplace. BigChefs plans to offer certain privileges, unique advantages, and experiences to NFT owners in their projects on the Web 3.0 journey that started with NFT.

BigChefs created the "Women Farmers to Table" project to draw attention to 2.5 million women in agriculture and to ensure gender equality. The project started with 14 women and reached 120 women producers with 49 producer companies and cooperatives with BigChefs cooperation.

The first NFT of the collection, each a separate piece of art, was inspired by entrepreneurial women who produce goat cheese in Balıkesir Kaz Mountains. "Studio Sigun" digital art studio designed it with a new technique, "Infinite Zoom Art."


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