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Turkey's Largest Decentraland Experience Area "Otokoç Metazone"

Turkey's leading mobility company Otokoç Automotive has implemented an accessible and sustainable experience center on the Otokoç Metazone area it created in Metaverse. Otokoç Automotive, with its sustainable Web 3.0 strategy and vision, has launched its project, Otokoç Metazone, which includes many firsts in this new world, at the coordinates of Decentraland -111,10. It is noteworthy that the unique project has the largest area in Turkey with the use of 7 parcels in Decentraland. Otokoç Automotive has created Otokoç Metazone, where it will continue its Web 3.0 communication, organize field-specific campaigns, host in-company events, collaborate with different brands, and integrate with the art and business world. The experience center locates in this specific area. There is a main structure on four parcels of 7 parcels, two cylindrical buildings on two parcels, and a parking area with billboards on one parcel.


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